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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Wireless Router?

Have you been neglecting to replace your Wi-Fi router or other networking equipment? Does your current Wi-Fi router not reach parts of your home? Routers tend to have an average lifespan of three to four years and have a finite range. Paying for a more expensive traditional single point router might get you more life and more range, but might not be the best solution.


In the span of three to four years a new class of home networking devices have emerged: the mesh network. A mesh network is a series of Wi-Fi routers that you can put anywhere in your home and communicate with each other to create one seamless network. The mesh network provides the greater range of a multi-point system at the cost of bandwidth the further away you are from the core router. However, bandwidth overall may not be an issue when comparing your current router to a new one as Wi-Fi protocols have improved over time.


Another reason to consider replacing your current router is security. Over the past three to four years there have been a series of highly publicized security flaws with certain Wi-Fi protocols. Some manufacturers have patched these security holes in older routers, while unfortunately, others have not. In most circumstances a new router is the only solution to this problem. These mesh networks tend to come with a lot of extras like parental control features, built in antivirus, and quality of service features for VoIP and video conferencing. 

We at discoverpc.NET have experience setting up these mesh networks. They work well for multi-story homes; wide ranch-style homes; and for those who have become stir crazy during this time, make it possible for your Wi-Fi to get out to the garage and patio areas of your home.

If you are interested in something like this for your home or business give discoverpc.NET a call. In most circumstances we would recommend a remote survey / site survey to collect information and recommend the best options available. 

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